Stage 4 – Sub Assemblies

HICS™ Scheme designs include all power distribution and low voltage control logic in single, two or more channel logic using non generic hardware (different manufacturers) thus to alleviate any possible generic fault becoming manifest, this protection would normally be required with cranes employed in handling volatile material such as in the nuclear industry.

HICS™ control system sub-assemblies are built on rigid chassis plates to facilitate construction and individual modular testing and final offering up to the target cubicles fixing points. All fixed components are secured with drilled and tapped holes with location generated mechanical positions from the master mechanical layout drawings thus to eliminate and risk of rear fitted nuts to fixing bolts becoming loose. Some heavier component parts projected types are fixed on stand-off brackets or fixed to threaded riveted inserts.

HICS™ sub-assemblies are pre-wired and tested at the assembly stage ready for inter-connection to adjacent sub-assemblies or I/O terminal rails. All wiring is terminated using various relevant crimp components. Standard Earth termination methodology is applied between all sub-assemblies and cubicles and cubicle to cubicle using secure bolting techniques thus providing PME bond.

Calibrated compression tools for cable terminations, bolts/nuts etc, are used.

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