Stage 5 – Assembly & Inter-Wire

Pre-assembled HICS™ cubicle sub-assemblies are modular tested on completion and prior to installation to each designated cubicle.

Each HICS™ sub-assembly chassis plate with fitted components is installed into each relevant control scheme cubicle to a specific clearance dimension between the chassis plate and rear cubicle wall taking in to account clearance between the highest component and cubicle door. The chassis mounting stud design incorporates either turned barrel or hexagonal stand-off pillars secured to the cubicle framework to which washer kits and fitted locking/friction nuts complete the fixture of the sub-assembly.

Depending on the scheme supply/delivery, cubicle connectivity wiring which is loomed as a standard methodology is fully fitted and laid into the plinth mount channels as previously described to ensure correct cable lengths so if the supply is to be shipped in a dismantled condition then the looms are not fixed at this point, therefore following testing one end of the loom is disconnected in order to minimise on site work during installation.

Operating mechanisms that are cubicle door mounted and which are liked/coupler connected to mains isolators located on sub-assemblies are fitted as required. Similar with indicators, voltage and current meters etc. Mechanical and electrical security access door locking devices are also fitted and wired to the sub assembly now fitted.

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