LRV™ Light Rail Passenger Vehicle Development

COMMANDER™ / HICS™ design engineers have for some time been actively involved in the design and development of a Light Rail Vehicle.

The COMMANDER-LRV™ is being developed for use in towns and cities where traffic congestion is a major problem for commuters, shoppers and often forgotten emergency services.

The COMMANDER-LRV™ is also an ideal method of shopper transportation through malls.

In residential areas, the COMMANDER-LRV™ is an ideal method of transport in to towns from suburbs or indeed as a link to high speed train connections for major cities. The infrastructure required is simple, a light rail is laid in the street or road along with passenger shelters at pickup and drop off points.

The COMMANDER-LRV™ is powered from readily available 'under road' electricity supplies inductively coupled at each passenger pickup and drop off points to provide the motive power source between stops. This method of supplying a power source totally eliminates the need for traditional overhead pantograph power supply systems commonly associated with type of electrically powered vehicle.

Solar power batteries provide the power source for communications and on board services. Typically, each COMMANDER-LRV™ is capable of carrying up to 35 seated passengers at speeds up to 50 kph (31.25mph) between passenger stops.

A single operator drives the vehicle in the conventional manner except that the vehicle route is pre-determined and can be monitored via a conventional GPS tracking system.

For driver presence and for security, Blue Tooth technology is incorporated to prevent unauthorised use
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