Crane Detection – Vertical

The COMMANDERIRVCD™ Vertical Crane Detection System for collision avoidance uses security coded infrared signals to communicate vertically between cranes on 2, 3 or more gantry levels. Upper and Lower systems have similar hardware and features. All upper crane systems (above level 1) incorporate positional hook monitoring (limit/device not supplied) This monitoring feature provides a level of automation to the crane operating performance. If an upper crane has one or more hooks lowered then this ‘upper’ crane and any crane on lower levels which approach the intrusion zone will be inhibited from bridge forward/reverse travel motion. This means for example a crane on level 4 will communicate with a crane on level 1, then others as and when they appear within the intrusion zone.

All systems have a closed security loop incorporated to ensure signalling is maintained and has not failed. Power for each IRVCD™ crane system is derived from a separate AC supply which remains isolated and active when the normal crane power supply is switched off for maintenance or other purposes. In the event a full power loss, the systems BatBak™ (battery back-up system) (built in) ensures a continuous given period power supply and will maintain presence status and continue to signal cranes above and below its own level. In the event of full power loss to the crane the system will go into visual and audible alarm mode to signal personnel of the condition. A key is required to silence the activated system. This signalling can be repeated by radio link to a ground based administration location.

The E1™-RD-05™ Infrared ‘conditional’ travel over-ride system is designed for use by a second a supervisor/banks man to safely over-ride an automatic zone inhibit. The hand held transmitter features AutoStart™ and operates using a specific common code periodic defined sector transmission system.

The E1™ Infrared transmitter is for use by authorised persons. This system is a safety tool designed to ensure a lifting operation is effectively controlled within a ‘normally’ inhibited area. See E1™-RD-05™ brochure for full specification. The IRVCD™ system is supplied ‘scheme ready’ to the installer or OEM.

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