Stage 3 – Cubicle Suite Preparation

During the HICS™ scheme design phase the control suite cubicles are also determined and client approved prior to procurement. This applies if purpose designed and built for installation height limitations or even specific requirements such as for increased levels of EMC protection, or if standard cubicles meet the specification then these are procured in the normal way with all other components.

Whichever HICS™ design control suite type is to be used, it is usual for a fabricated rodent proof mounting plinth to be constructed. This is designed not only to provision for cubicle and resistance bank fixings but also to align with the supporting structure on the target crane structure. Fabricated plinths are also designed to provide enclosed segregated cableways for electrical (mains & control voltage) inter-connections between cubicles and end bridge connection boxes for cross bridge cable systems. The mounting plinth is levelled prior to cubicle installation to ensure cubicle doors and the assembly is ‘squared’ throughout construction.

All HICS™ cubicles are installed to the fabricated mounting plinth in a specific build plan order and are fitted out with various items of hardware (following), including mechanically linked door interlocking systems, including mains and control circuit isolators, indicators and other required components.

Usually the CPP (Crane Protective Panel) is the first cubicle running from left to right or right to left, then sequentially, all power control and devices with final cubicles being the low voltage control cubicles, generally one cubicle per motion and with separate cubicles where a number of channels (1, 2 or 3) exist in order to provide a high level of failsafe protection. Subject to the contract specifics the final fully tested control suite could be shipped to the crane structure manufacturer as a complete built assembly or dismantled and shipped in individual units or modules.

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